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Information considered reliable but dates are subject to change
Anchondo May 19 Slowdown
Anders Osborne May 22 Waiting Room
Anthony Seals May 17 Firewater Grille
Back Alley Blues Band May 19 Downtown Plattsmouth
  May 26 McKennas
Bad Apple May 18 Shamrocks Pub
Balsa Dragon May 25 Anchor Inn
Banjo Loco May 27 Fun Plex
Betsy Wells May 23 Slowdown
Betties May 23 Barley St. Tavern
Big Sams Funky Nation May 19 Holland Performing Arts
Black on High May 25 Waiting Room
Blue House May 19 Ameristar Casino
Blue Rock Boulevard May 19 Anchor Inn
Bluesday Tuesday Open Jam May 22, 29 The Hive
Brad Cordle Band May 17 Ozone
  May 24 21st Saloon
  May 25 Gator OMalleys Pub
  May 27 Sugar Clay Winery
Break Maiden May 26 Shamrocks Pub
Brian Jones Tuesdays McFoster's
Caligula May 23 Shamrocks Pub
Calling Cody May 26 Shamrocks Pub
Chad Lee Band May 27 Old Matress Factory
Cheshire Grin May 18-19 Arena Sports Bar
  May 25-26 Chrome Lounge
Citizen's Band May 19 Barley St. Tavern
Clay Hughes May 19 Slowdown
Confidentials May 18 Ozone
  May 23 Loose Moose
  May 26 Villiage Pointe
Daddy Mac and the Flak May 18 Gator OMalleys Pub
Dads May 25 Slowdown
Darryl White May 18 Lauter Tun
Deadlocked May 18 Shamrocks Pub
Desert Noises May 23 Slowdown
Diana & Maries May 25 Barley St. Tavern
Dicey Rileys Wednesdays Brazen Head
Don Vault May 24 Waiting Room
Double Zero May 18 Chrome Lounge
Down 2 Two May 25 Skyybox
Down To Here May 23 Quaker Steak & Lube / CB
Ellis Island may 27 Brazen Head
Emotional Baggage May 18 Marleybone
Empire Falls May 18 Shamrocks Pub
Exceptions May 25 Shamrocks Pub
Farmdog May 18 Marleybone
Finest Hour May 24 Lazlo's
Fishheads May 26 Woodcliff / Fremont
  May 27 Old Matress Factory
5 Simple Fools May 27 Fun Plex
Funk Trek May 18 Waiting Room
Furiosity May 26 Shamrocks Pub
Garfan May 18 Shamrocks Pub
Great American Desert May 23 Slowdown
Hard Attack May 18 Anchor Inn
Hi-Fi Hangover May 18-19 Loose Moose
  May 25 Ozone
  May 27 Old Matress Factory
High Heel The Band May 28 Dog House Saloon
JD Mofo May 24 Shamrocks Pub
Jessica Errett May 25 Barley St. Tavern
Jessica Errett & Kelsey Nord May 22 Ozone
John Novak Thursdays Jazz Louisiana Kitchen
Johnny Ray Gomez May 30 Ozone
JR Hoss Thursdays 2 Fine Irishmen
Katie Logan May 27 Soaring Wings Vineyard
Kelsey & Jessica May 24 Firewater Grille
Kris Lager Acoustic May 29 Ozone
Kris Lager Band May 18 Waiting Room
Landing On The Moon May 22 Barley St. Tavern
Las Vegas Lab Band May 21, 28 Ozone
Lemon Fresh Day May 18-19 2 Fine Irishmen
  May 24 Lazlo's
  May 25 Shadow Lake
  May 26 Aksarben Villiage
  May 27 Old Matress Factory
Levi William May 17 Gator OMalleys Pub
Luther James Band May 19 Brass Monkey
Luther James Open Mike May 23 Grant Street Bar
MF ní Bad Sneakers Apr 18 Firewater Grille
  May 26 Ozone
  May 27 Sugar Clay Winery
  May 28 Twin Peaks
MF Ruckus May 23 Shamrocks Pub
Mia LeBlon May 19 Slowdown
Millions Of Boys May 25 Slowdown
Monsters in Basement May 25 Arena Sports Bar
More Machine Now Than Man May 17,24 Barley St. Tavern
Moses Prey May 25 Barley St. Tavern
Mr. Sinister May 17 American Dream
Nature Dicks May 18 Marleybone
Nebraka Blues Challenge Finals May 20 21st Saloon
nine The Nine's May 26 Barley St. Tavern
Novak and Haar May 19 Lauter Tun
Off The Grid May 19 Chrome Lounge
Open Jazz Jam May 20, 27 The Hive
Open Mic Tuesdays Ft. Crook Billliards
Pat O Show May 26 Ameristar Casino
Personics May 26 Loose Moose
Persuaders May 23 Ozone
Pounders May 17 Horseshoe Casino
  May 25 Anchor Inn
Pporkbelly May 19 Shamrocks Pub
Ratbrain May 26 Arena Sports Bar
Redman Tragic May 19 Shamrocks Pub
Rhythm Collective May 27 Fun Plex
  May 17, 24 The Hive
Ronnie Baker Brooks May 27 Sumtur Amphitheater-Papillion
Rough Cut May 19 Ozone
Sarah and The Tallboys May 17 21st Saloon
Saturn Ascends May 25 Waiting Room
Schwervon May 22 Barley St. Tavern
Sea Rose May 19 Barley St. Tavern
Sean Fredieu May 30 Horseshoe Casino
Secter Weapon May 26 Waiting Room
  May 27 Old Matress Factory
Shidiots May 23 Shamrocks Pub
Shoot To Thrill May 27 Fun Plex
Son Volt May 24 Waiting Room
Songwriter Showcase Mondays Barley St. Tavern
Soul Finger May 24 Gator OMalleys Pub
Stephen Monroe May 17 Deer Springs Winery, Lincoln
Steve Raybine May 24 Ozone
Subject To Authority May 23 Shamrocks Pub
Super Invader May 19 Shamrocks Pub
Susie Thorne Band May 17 Myth-Old Market
Swamp Jam Thursdays The Obar
Swampboy Blues Band May 18 Sullivans Bar
  May 19 Jazz A Louisiana Kitchen
  May 25 Soaring Wings Vineyard
Swizzle Tree May 19 Slowdown
Tami Hall May 20-21 Bushwackers
Ten Dead May 19 Shamrocks Pub
Tenderness Wilderness May 22 Barley St. Tavern
Terry Quiet Band May 18 Harrahs Casino
3D In Your Face May 18, 25 21st Saloon
  May 27 Fun Plex
Through the Stone May 25 Waiting Room
Tim Perkins May 29 Barley St. Tavern
Todd Day May 23 Barley St. Tavern
Tom Phillips Band May 18 Barley St. Tavern
Two Drag Club May 18 Barley St. Tavern
Two Pair May 25 Firewater Grille
Walt's Pigpen May 23 Barley St. Tavern
Well Aimed Arrows May 25 Slowdown
Whiskey Pig May 17 Perrys Place
  May 24 Perrys Place
Wild Colonial Boys May 18-19 Dubliner Pub
Zero Sum May 25 Waiting Room

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